Who We Are:

The Boston Garrison is a community of reenactor units of the American Revolution that present the "Crown" point of view. Representing His Majesty's Forces in the Northeastern Colonies, the Garrison is composed of units that portray British Regulars, Loyalists, and Native Peoples. In addition, the members of our units depict men-at-arms, musicians, civilians, and camp followers, thus presenting a more complete impression of 18th century life.

The Boston Garrison is committed to collaborating with other umbrella organizations, such as the Continental Line and the Brigade of the American Revolution, to ensure we provide a venue for everyone interested in Revolutionary War history regardless of gender, race, creed, or sexual preference. In the end, our main goal is to properly honor and portray those who fought and died for His Majesty 250 years ago.

Our Mission:

  • Foster communication and cooperation between reenactor units.
  • Share and exchange ideas and research.
  • Recruit more people into the hobby.
  • Focus on portraying British Regulars, Loyalists, and Native Peoples.
  • Continually improve our impressions as Men-At-Arms, Musicians, Civilians, Camp Followers, and Native Peoples.
  • Support Living History Events in the Northeast, set during the American War for Independence.
  • Become a leading organization in event planning and participation for the upcoming Semiquincentennial.


Perspective VIEWS of 18th Century ENCAMPMENTS